Trigonometry the Easy Way (Easy Way Series) by Douglas Downing Ph.D.

Trigonometry the Easy Way (Easy Way Series)

Book Title: Trigonometry the Easy Way (Easy Way Series)

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 0764113607

Author: Douglas Downing Ph.D.

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Douglas Downing Ph.D. with Trigonometry the Easy Way (Easy Way Series)

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Here's a complete, easy-to-grasp course in trigonometry that takes the form of a fantasy novel. The King of Carmorra and his subjects have many practical problems to solve, and their answers can be found by applying principles of trigonometry. Readers follow along and learn to solve many different problems that can be reduced to triangular diagrams. They learn the laws of sine and cosine, trigonometric functions and inverse functions, waves, conic sections, polynomial approximation, and much more. The book is filled with instructive exercises and their solutions, plus illustrative drawings, graphs, and diagrams. This new edition contains updated coverage on using graphing calculators and computer spreadsheets for solving trigonometric problems.